5 reasons why I would prefer books over movies!

1. In movies the story is put forward from the director’s point of view, and the viewer simply watches what is shown. In books one has to make creative use of one’s mental faculties to provide the best possible picture to the words written by the author. So I feel while movies make us dumb, books make us smart!!!
2. In movies we cannot help if an actor looks a specific way, while in books we can give each character a very appropriate face. This reminds me how I could never agree with Tom Hanks’ face being given to Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. No offence to Tom’s fans here, but it just didn’t fit for me!!!
3. Movies are way too actor dependent. While a good actor can earn applaud for a very plain story, a bad actor can jeopardize the best of plots. Remember Daredevil!!!
Also, I felt Don Corleone (Vito) in The Godfather was awesome… Al Pacino (as Michael Corleone) though good enough, could never produce the same magic as Marlon Brando did!!!)
4. While movies are hasty- trying to compile only what is appropriate enough in 2 hours, books tend to describe the most trivial of all details, whether it be a place or a part of a person’s character. Though some times these details are frustrating, they add greatly to the story line. I guess the Harry Potter fans understand this feeling best!
Plus I feel books through its many words are great at elaborating emotions… a stride of panic, feeling of  mortification and many moments of ecstasy are often lost in movies!!!
5. Lastly, books are about characters, movies somewhere gain prejudice from the stars acting in them. Add to this the whole amount of patience that a reader invests to explore a story, it only makes me feel that a movie can never become as close to a person’s heart as a book with the same story-line!!!

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One response to “5 reasons why I would prefer books over movies!”

  1. Jeyna Grace says :

    True. Books speak to the soul, movies feeds the eyes.

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