2 + 2 = 4


Being a Computer science student, I am always awestruck by “the computer freaks” of my class. The freaks are those super cool students who would type a set of commands on one of those black screens and quickly find the bug in processing, or would develop a replica of  Facebook for their finals project, or have dreams of opening their own gaming firms in future, or those who are top class hackers and would probably be working for some intelligence agency in a few years….

I am a very average programmer. A somebody who would work very hard and come up with something decent enough to present. No doubt, I too want to be one of the “computer freaks”…but somehow I think I could never be that good….I mean these people were the gods of Computers….the Facebook-replica guy was almost Mark Zuckerburg himself…..and the gaming guy too always had something very cool up his sleeve…..I am no match to them and probably would never be……

I have joined an NGO, that works for child welfare. So one evening, I along with a couple of other members went to teach a set of underprivileged children from the nearby slum area. We decided upon teaching them – names of  fruits. So to begin with we asked the kids to identify different fruits drawn on the board. Then we had written down the names of  fruits (alongside their picture) and asked the students to copy the same in their notebooks. During my encounter with one of the students, I realized that he had copied the name of  a fruit from the board recognizing it to be a sequence of the English alphabets but did not actually know how to read that word.
It actually let my hopes down. I started thinking that since the kids had no grasp over the very basics of English language, they would probably never become efficient at it…

On my way back from the teaching class I started introspecting…once upon a time even I was a child who was new to English. At that time had somebody asked me to give a speech in English for 5 minutes, it would have been next to developing a replica of Facebook in programming. It was only over time that I learnt to put two and two together…and now a five minute speech would be child’s’ play…..

They say that sometimes we ourselves are our greatest enemy. As a child I never thought that it would be difficult to read or speak English…and therefore I was able to learn it easily….I need to adopt the same thinking for the programming part….Rome was not build in a day. I need to be patient and learn little everyday and within no time I too would become a “computer freak”.

Now, I plan to go to the next teaching class with greater vigor and teach the students from the beginning. I know if I work constantly it will not be long when my efforts will start bearing fruit…. 🙂


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  1. curlishme says :

    Hey i have tagged you randomly in apost of mine.. please do care to see it.. “Liebster award”

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