Titanic : an excursion into ecstasy!

TITANIC!  One Hollywood movie that most Indians would have watched and also sometimes the only Hollywood movie that an Indian would have watched!

The true success of a movie lies when it is acknowledged not only in its homeland but also overseas. It is completely fascinating to find the various versions of this flick in Spanish, French, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu among others.

So what was so special about Titanic?

It was the eternal love between Jack and Rose, adorned with the beautiful song  “Every night my dreams”, that was testified by the extremely resolute ocean, the chilling cold of the night, and the mysterious corridors of the terribly magnificent ship that crashed into oblivion.

This movie created magic!

However, Some people do question the ending.

“Jack was a strong chap! He could have boarded any other plank that night and could have been alive!”

“What an irrational way to kill a nice guy!

Now the fact remains, would the story have the same effect as it did, with Jack Dawson moving on to live a happy married life with Rose!

Was not their after-life surreal reunion a better idea?

Are we obsessed with happy endings, or are we obsessed with the girl marrying every guy she meets in her life and has fun with!

According to me, Titanic did have a happy ending…

It gave direction to an embittered Rose Dewitt Bukater, inclined to commit suicide. It helped her break the shackles of social barriers and follow her dreams to live a fun-filled life. And most of all it gave her an unforgettable exquisite experience of having found true love…so what if it were for a brief amount of time!

As they say- ‘Its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all!’


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