People: food for thought!

Well! Its something over which I have been pondering a lot lately. People!

Shruti: I don’t know, But I do not like Sanskriti!

Anamika: Ya, neither do I. She is very conceited and arrogant!!!

Pooja: Exactly, I like her room mate Naina…but Sanskriti, no ways!!!

Anamika: Sanskriti and Naina are best friends…no wonder they are so different.

Shovita: Ohh! common guys, you don’t know her!!

Shruti: Its not that Shovita, I don’t know a lot many people here…but its her vibes, that are very negative….

Anamika: Right, I wonder why such people had to be here with us!!

Huh! actually, there is nothing wrong with Sanskriti!

All of us have our own traits and follies.

Sanskriti is a happy go lucky girl. She is somebody who wants to live life to the fullest. And she does that to the best of her ability!

She is good at anchoring shows…she sings…participates in debates and extempore. She is somebody who is completely confident on the stage…..not a tinge of fear in her voice.

She is intellectual and loves reading, travelling, and exploring places. She is also a writer, in fact that is the career she intends to pursue. Many of her blogs have been acknowledged by numerous people.

In addition to that, she is a feminist. She has a strong personality and is not of the docile nature. She is interactive and has many friends. Her ideology is that one must fight for their rights. She is also often very straight-forward, and would be the first one to speak up if something is not right.

She is a member of a child welfare NGO, in which she very diligently teaches music to the slum kids for two hours, every week. She is also a part of another NGO, which works for women rights.

An inspiration for her sister and best friend, she is somebody who leaves a mark, wherever she goes!

So, Is Sanskriti bad?

At times, she is very blunt and that often hurts people. She loves who she is…and that shows in her body language and is often taken to be conceit. And if you are thinking that you would bunk work and have somebody else do your task…she would never be that somebody.

She is just a little different from my friends…somebody with a different set of ideals. Is that reason enough for us to question her existence?

Well! my point is imagine how boring life would be, if all of us were alike, with the same temperament and the same thought process…People would hardly be interested in knowing each other, for the other person would be just like them…completely predictable!

There would be no books and no movies…for there would be no story to tell!

As they say, “Variety is the spice of life!”

And since in our eyes, we are always good…I guess we must learn to appreciate the not so good!

After all its the mischievous who are the focus of our attention, the weirdos- the object of our laughter, and the unusual- the subject of our curiosity!


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