5 reasons why I would prefer books over movies!

1. In movies the story is put forward from the director’s point of view, and the viewer simply watches what is shown. In books one has to make creative use of one’s mental faculties to provide the best possible picture to the words written by the author. So I feel while movies make us dumb, books make us smart!!!
2. In movies we cannot help if an actor looks a specific way, while in books we can give each character a very appropriate face. This reminds me how I could never agree with Tom Hanks’ face being given to Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. No offence to Tom’s fans here, but it just didn’t fit for me!!!
3. Movies are way too actor dependent. While a good actor can earn applaud for a very plain story, a bad actor can jeopardize the best of plots. Remember Daredevil!!!
Also, I felt Don Corleone (Vito) in The Godfather was awesome… Al Pacino (as Michael Corleone) though good enough, could never produce the same magic as Marlon Brando did!!!)
4. While movies are hasty- trying to compile only what is appropriate enough in 2 hours, books tend to describe the most trivial of all details, whether it be a place or a part of a person’s character. Though some times these details are frustrating, they add greatly to the story line. I guess the Harry Potter fans understand this feeling best!
Plus I feel books through its many words are great at elaborating emotions… a stride of panic, feeling of  mortification and many moments of ecstasy are often lost in movies!!!
5. Lastly, books are about characters, movies somewhere gain prejudice from the stars acting in them. Add to this the whole amount of patience that a reader invests to explore a story, it only makes me feel that a movie can never become as close to a person’s heart as a book with the same story-line!!!

Not really fierce!

I am completely awestruck by the compassion of the leopard towards the baby monkey.
Probably the story of Mowgli had some truth to it!

2 + 2 = 4


Being a Computer science student, I am always awestruck by “the computer freaks” of my class. The freaks are those super cool students who would type a set of commands on one of those black screens and quickly find the bug in processing, or would develop a replica of  Facebook for their finals project, or have dreams of opening their own gaming firms in future, or those who are top class hackers and would probably be working for some intelligence agency in a few years….

I am a very average programmer. A somebody who would work very hard and come up with something decent enough to present. No doubt, I too want to be one of the “computer freaks”…but somehow I think I could never be that good….I mean these people were the gods of Computers….the Facebook-replica guy was almost Mark Zuckerburg himself…..and the gaming guy too always had something very cool up his sleeve…..I am no match to them and probably would never be……

I have joined an NGO, that works for child welfare. So one evening, I along with a couple of other members went to teach a set of underprivileged children from the nearby slum area. We decided upon teaching them – names of  fruits. So to begin with we asked the kids to identify different fruits drawn on the board. Then we had written down the names of  fruits (alongside their picture) and asked the students to copy the same in their notebooks. During my encounter with one of the students, I realized that he had copied the name of  a fruit from the board recognizing it to be a sequence of the English alphabets but did not actually know how to read that word.
It actually let my hopes down. I started thinking that since the kids had no grasp over the very basics of English language, they would probably never become efficient at it…

On my way back from the teaching class I started introspecting…once upon a time even I was a child who was new to English. At that time had somebody asked me to give a speech in English for 5 minutes, it would have been next to developing a replica of Facebook in programming. It was only over time that I learnt to put two and two together…and now a five minute speech would be child’s’ play…..

They say that sometimes we ourselves are our greatest enemy. As a child I never thought that it would be difficult to read or speak English…and therefore I was able to learn it easily….I need to adopt the same thinking for the programming part….Rome was not build in a day. I need to be patient and learn little everyday and within no time I too would become a “computer freak”.

Now, I plan to go to the next teaching class with greater vigor and teach the students from the beginning. I know if I work constantly it will not be long when my efforts will start bearing fruit…. 🙂

Why Do I Write?


When I was in school, my articles were hardly selected for the college magazine. The highest I scored on my essays was only 16 out of 30. My English teacher thought all my answers in exams were next to average. Now that is not great…and here I had plans of having a book to my name some day. I often thought why did I want to write?  I didn’t know then…I don’t know now…

I never had a broken heart,

A gruesome adventure or a struggling start

Then why play Shakespeare’s part

Did I really think I was a world apart!!!

I don’t even have a recurring dream,

No haunted houses, adorning a mysterious theme.

My ancestors – nowhere in the writing stream!

And YET, I aspire to walk in the Booker’s realm.

Maybe… I am just curious,

I think too much, just furious!

Sleeping it off would be injurious,

So I play a writer – an act so spurious!

Maybe… I thought I knew too much!

About people, places and psychological crutch

And how society needs to loosen its clutch…

Thus, my duty was to lend the world – my golden touch.

Maybe…I dreamt of a never land

Where with no burdens, one may stand

He may play his trumpet, have his band,

And I had to unveil this world, so grand.

Maybe…Creativity was in my soul

My imagination wanted a vent, wanted a hole

I didn’t want to kill the story, so to let it roll

I was lead to the sacred goal.

 Or maybe… it was just easier to write,

To freely fly my philosophical kite,

Dictate actions with a puppeteer’s might

Or simply lend God some ideas in black and white!

Titanic : an excursion into ecstasy!

TITANIC!  One Hollywood movie that most Indians would have watched and also sometimes the only Hollywood movie that an Indian would have watched!

The true success of a movie lies when it is acknowledged not only in its homeland but also overseas. It is completely fascinating to find the various versions of this flick in Spanish, French, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu among others.

So what was so special about Titanic?

It was the eternal love between Jack and Rose, adorned with the beautiful song  “Every night my dreams”, that was testified by the extremely resolute ocean, the chilling cold of the night, and the mysterious corridors of the terribly magnificent ship that crashed into oblivion.

This movie created magic!

However, Some people do question the ending.

“Jack was a strong chap! He could have boarded any other plank that night and could have been alive!”

“What an irrational way to kill a nice guy!

Now the fact remains, would the story have the same effect as it did, with Jack Dawson moving on to live a happy married life with Rose!

Was not their after-life surreal reunion a better idea?

Are we obsessed with happy endings, or are we obsessed with the girl marrying every guy she meets in her life and has fun with!

According to me, Titanic did have a happy ending…

It gave direction to an embittered Rose Dewitt Bukater, inclined to commit suicide. It helped her break the shackles of social barriers and follow her dreams to live a fun-filled life. And most of all it gave her an unforgettable exquisite experience of having found true love…so what if it were for a brief amount of time!

As they say- ‘Its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all!’

People: food for thought!

Well! Its something over which I have been pondering a lot lately. People!

Shruti: I don’t know, But I do not like Sanskriti!

Anamika: Ya, neither do I. She is very conceited and arrogant!!!

Pooja: Exactly, I like her room mate Naina…but Sanskriti, no ways!!!

Anamika: Sanskriti and Naina are best friends…no wonder they are so different.

Shovita: Ohh! common guys, you don’t know her!!

Shruti: Its not that Shovita, I don’t know a lot many people here…but its her vibes, that are very negative….

Anamika: Right, I wonder why such people had to be here with us!!

Huh! actually, there is nothing wrong with Sanskriti!

All of us have our own traits and follies.

Sanskriti is a happy go lucky girl. She is somebody who wants to live life to the fullest. And she does that to the best of her ability!

She is good at anchoring shows…she sings…participates in debates and extempore. She is somebody who is completely confident on the stage…..not a tinge of fear in her voice.

She is intellectual and loves reading, travelling, and exploring places. She is also a writer, in fact that is the career she intends to pursue. Many of her blogs have been acknowledged by numerous people.

In addition to that, she is a feminist. She has a strong personality and is not of the docile nature. She is interactive and has many friends. Her ideology is that one must fight for their rights. She is also often very straight-forward, and would be the first one to speak up if something is not right.

She is a member of a child welfare NGO, in which she very diligently teaches music to the slum kids for two hours, every week. She is also a part of another NGO, which works for women rights.

An inspiration for her sister and best friend, she is somebody who leaves a mark, wherever she goes!

So, Is Sanskriti bad?

At times, she is very blunt and that often hurts people. She loves who she is…and that shows in her body language and is often taken to be conceit. And if you are thinking that you would bunk work and have somebody else do your task…she would never be that somebody.

She is just a little different from my friends…somebody with a different set of ideals. Is that reason enough for us to question her existence?

Well! my point is imagine how boring life would be, if all of us were alike, with the same temperament and the same thought process…People would hardly be interested in knowing each other, for the other person would be just like them…completely predictable!

There would be no books and no movies…for there would be no story to tell!

As they say, “Variety is the spice of life!”

And since in our eyes, we are always good…I guess we must learn to appreciate the not so good!

After all its the mischievous who are the focus of our attention, the weirdos- the object of our laughter, and the unusual- the subject of our curiosity!